DFI India 2020 - Virtual Conference 19-20 November 2020
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DFI India 2020 19-20 Nov 2020

Panel Discussion

CFA Pile - A System Changeover and Risk Assessment & Mitigation

DFI of India has provided local proof of success of CFA pile installation in Indian soil conditions with India labor. The successful implementation program produced design guidance, installation procedures, video documentation, and monitoring and testing verification. DFI India developed a detailed Manual on DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF CONTINUOUS FLIGHT AUGERED CONCRETE PILE. You can access the content pages of the manual HEREYou can also download an OVERVIEW document on CFA Piles HERE
'Barriers must be overcome for the system benefits to be widely realized in India, including lack of trained engineers to develop specifications for owners, shortage of proven Indian case histories, and limited availability of CFA kit and tooling. This panel discussion will present realistic, proactive strategies to overcome these barriers and increase the use of CFA piles. The panellists are drawn from the important disciplines of the foundation design and construction as detailed below.

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Madan Kumar Annam
Head of Engineering, Keller Ground Engineering India Pvt Ltd
will provide a brief introduction of CFA and background of the demo program and the structure of the panel discussion, and outline design aspects, equipment considerations, and workforce skill and quality needed for successful implementation.

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Owner / Consultant view on public sector projects
P K Panwar
Geotechnical Head, Deputy General Manager, Engineers India
will highlight the issues in the public sector that could impede adoption of CFA pile implementation, and discuss the requirements and philosophies that could be adopted for implementation.

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Equipment Manufacturer
Franz-Werner Gerressen
Director of Method Development Department, BAUER Maschinen GmbH (Germany)
will discuss availability of equipment, safety, and modern tooling, materials, and instrumentation.

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Specialist Contractor
Andres Baquerizo, P.E.
Global Product Leader and the Vice President for Keller Florida (United States)
will present three case histories highlighting successful deployment of the technique for private and public projects, and the use of advanced technology to prove pile designs.

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